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To install this theme, simply unzip the file you downloaded into your main directory.

This theme is powered by Bootstrap. If you want to get to know it's grid system or any other features so you can understand this theme more clearly, just head on to the their documentation section.

This is the section that the user will first see when they scroll down. Here you have an image slider ( carousel ). That rotates some of the sample images of your book. These you can change by changing the src attribute of the image inside the .item div, contained in the .owl-book div. Maybe you've noticed that after every img element there is a div with an overlay class. This is the overlay you get when you hover over the slider item with your mouse. This is useful if you want the user to have the ability to zoom in on the sample pages. This overlay div contains a hyperlink whose href tag should match the src tag of the img tag above. This href tag determines what image will open in the lightbox once the user clicks.

Note: to keep more optimized for loading time, you might want to add a small and big version of your sample images, and then in the img element put the small image and in the href attribute of the hyperlink in the overlay div, add the big image.

On the right side you will find another 6 width column, which you can use to further describe your book.

The reviews section contains a slider. Each item is marked with an item class. Here you can change each reviewer's picture, name, location and rating. To change the rating add a div with a class rating. Then inside, add 5 ( or whatever the maximum rating is ) span tags with a class of rate. Then each one you want to be active, after the rate class, add an active class. And after that you will find a small paragraph that contains their review quote.

This section is styled with the reviews class.

This seciton contains a brief introduction the biography of the author, and his/her name. All of these you can change easily. The more interesting part of this section is the one on the right. This part contains the author's tour locations. Of course, it can contain anything you would like, we just added this feature for your needs. Inside you will find a div with a class of locations, where every item is marked with a class of location. Don't mix them up! First we will talk about the future tours, the ones that are coming up. Each location div contains a heading, with a heading class. Put the title and location of your tour here. And below that you can put the date and time of your tour along with a link to the google maps directions. To make directions visit this page https://support.google.com/maps/answer/144339?hl=en . And then just paste the link inside the href attribute of the tag. After these ones you will find the "done"  locations. You can also put the date and time here but it's simpler to just leave the title and location in here. To make a location finished, just add a done class. 

If you followed this guide step by step and scrolled through the page,  together,  in the process, you might've noticed i missed a section. A green and prominent section. These sections are called "call to action"  sections. They are used to draw attention to the user with bright and vivid colors. These sections are very simple to edit and create. To make a section a call to action, just make a section  tag and add a call-to-action class.  

Finally, the contact section.

On the left you will find the contact details of the author which you can edit, and on the right you will find a contact form.

You can switch these up if you want, completely remove them, or just edit them in a whole different way.

If you don't want some of the fields in the contact form just remove them. You can also edit their placeholder attributes to change the text that appears in the fields.

If you find the last call to action section you will see there is a form that appears by clicking on the GET SAMPLE button.

This is a form your user can use to get a sample book. When he enters their information here, you will get an email containing their information, so you can send them a sample book.


That brings us to the PHP scripts.

There are two PHP scripts in this theme and they are located in the php folder, and they are very similiar.

The first one we will take a look at is the sampleMail.php file. This is the file that takes care of sending the sample users to your email address. This script contains a simple mail function inside which takes in 4 arguments. The first one is your email address that will receive emails about new users. The second one is the subject or title that will be written in the email, and the third one is the body of the email.

Note: to access values from the forms in php, let's say you have an input field with a name attribute that has a value of firstName. To access it in PHp all you have to do is write $_POST["firstName"].

The second scripts is the mail.php script. It is pretty much the same, except this is the php scripts that takes care of sending contact emails to you. Here it's the same principle with the arguments. First is your email address, the second one is the title, and the third one is the body. 


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